Congregational Planned Giving Program

Our weekly offering at worship is not the only opportunity we have for giving to the Lord. We honor the Lord when planning for the transition of our accumulated wealth (our “estate”) at life’s end. There are also a variety of other opportunities that enable us to support the Lord’s work now (while at the same time receiving tax benefits). The Bible encourages planned giving—intentional, cheerful management of our blessings to care for family and to return a portion of our possessions to our Creator and Savior God.

The purpose of the congregational planned giving program is (Part I) to help your congregation jump-start a program of promoting planned giving opportunities to members. Part II shares an easy way to start a congregational endowment fund through WELS Foundation. Part III tells how to set up a congregational planned giving committee to provide further manpower for carrying out this work. Part IV discusses how to establish and administer an endowment fund. Finally, Part V highlights WELS organizations that can help you with any of these steps.

Downloadable resources

Congregational Planned Giving ProgramDownload
Order free copies of the manual through Northwestern Publishing HouseDownload
Congregational Planned Giving PowerPointDownload
Different Ways to Make Planned GiftsDownload
Estate Planning for the Christian StewardDownload
WELS Foundation NewsletterDownload
Grace of Giving NewsletterDownload
Stewardship by the Lectionary (part of the Stewardship Toolbox)Download
Christian Giving Counselor DirectoryDownload
Sample Endowment Fund BylawsDownload
Sample Endowment Fund Gift AgreementDownload
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