Faith Focused Finances

Faith Focused Finances includes resources that help God’s people aim their treasures toward their Christ-centered mission. The resources include the Heart in Focus financial course for all members and a recently revised “School of Stewardship” entitled Joyful Generosity for congregational leaders.

Joyful Generosity
This workshop, revised by Minnesota district president Rev. Charles Degner, helps congregational leaders identify factors that influence God-pleasing stewardship and develop plans for encouraging a year-round stewardship culture within the congregation. Use at one sitting of 2.5 hours or spread out over five roughly half-hour meetings.

Heart in Focus
Heart in Focus is a six to eight session course to train members in wise, faith-focused finances for their daily lives. The course covers the Christian attitudes behind healthy financial decisions and shares practical advice for giving, saving, debt elimination, and other elements of a financially wise lifestyle. Each participant will leave with a plan of action and helpful systems for carrying it out.