Helpful Hint – Encouraging Word – September 2015

Drafting an Appeal Letter

According to Bruce Eberle in his book “Charitable Direct Mail Fund Raising,” the outline of an appeal should be:

1. Grab attention.
2. Spell out the problem.
3. Spell out the solution.
4. Ask.

A congregational communication following this outline might looks as follows:

Dear member,

Paragraph 1 – Grab attention with a moving, real-life story of how the gospel, shared through your church, has affected a person or people.

Paragraph 2 – Spell out the problem: “but we’re limited in reaching more people with the gospel because . . .” Problems usually include lack of support with time, talents, and treasure.

Paragraph 3 – Spell out the solution: “We know that, trusting in God, we can achieve the goal” (point to Scripture passages such as Matthew 6:33 and Malachi 3:10). “Let’s test God in his promises and see if we don’t grow spiritually.”

Paragraph 4 – Ask: “Would you prayerfully consider helping?” Be clear about what you are asking for. People want to know so they can help!

Close the letter by bring it back to the opening and reminding how, when we trust in God, we will see more of the gospel’s impact (Isaiah 55:11).