Helpful Hint – Encouraging Word – March 2015

How Electronic Givers Can Actively Participate in the Weekly Offering

Despite electronic giving (e.g., electronic funds transfer arranged through the congregation’s bank or Thrivent’s Simply Giving program) providing predictable support for congregational ministry, some members hesitate to sign up because it feels strange to pass the offering plate on Sunday morning without putting anything into it. These people feel like their children and fellow members might notice and be discouraged by their seemingly not participating.

Your congregation can overcome this obstacle by continuing to provide offering envelopes to members who are giving electronically. These members can write “EFT” on the offering line and drop the empty envelope in the plate. In a similar fashion some churches provide members with stickers that have the electronic giving program name printed on them so that they can use these on their envelopes. These possibilities allow members to physically place their offerings in the plate as an act of worship each week.