WELS Annual Report Summarizes God’s Blessings – Encouraging Word – March 2016

WELS Annual Report Summarizes God’s Blessings

WELS Annual Report 2015 summarizes God’s amazing blessings on our church body across all areas of ministry in 2015. We thank our Lord and commend you for your prayers and Congregation Mission Offerings (CMO) that aid these worldwide gospel endeavors. Please consider sharing this report with others at your church so they know how God is blessing their partnership in Christ’s work. There are a variety of formats available online at wels.net/annualreport:

  • Order free copies of the annual report through Northwestern Publishing House. (Note that an annual report went out in late January with each giving statement to individuals who made direct gifts to WELS in 2015.)
  • Download a PowerPoint of the annual report for sharing this information with God’s people. Someone at your church may give the presentation or invite a WELS Christian giving counselor to do it. Find your local Christian giving counselors at wels.net/givingcounselors or call WELS Ministry of Christian Giving at 800-827-5482.
  • Share the link to the annual report page or online flipbook through your church’s e-newsletter or website.

If your congregation, moved by Christ’s love and the opportunities he gives us for gospel outreach, would like to further support these efforts, here are three ways to help:

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on our joint ministry efforts using the “Mission Prayers” in this newsletters.
  • Maintain and, Lord-willing, increase your Congregation Mission Offerings. Consider working incrementally toward (or beyond) a goal of 10 percent of offerings toward synodical ministry.

If you haven’t done so yet, hold a special “One in Christ” offering collection to help eliminate the synod’s $4.7 million debt by the end of June. This will place our synod in a better financial position to move forward in ministry. Thanks be to God, at this point we have received over $1.6 million in “One in Christ” gifts with just over a quarter of our congregations participating.